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Justin McCain, a musician, from Baton Rouge, La, has been playing music his entire life. Previously the lead singer of a local rock band, and an eight piece variety wedding band, Justin now enjoys performing solo and duo acoustic shows. And the most exciting news: Justin McCain is proud to announce his newest band, The Justin McCain Project. Made up of some of Baton Rouge's most talented musicians, The JM Project brings a fresh face to rock and roll and many other genres of music, featuring Justin McCain on Lead Vocals & Guitar. Check out where Justin and his band are playing next at http://justinmccain.com/calendar.html.

For any booking inquiries, prices, or availability please contact Tracee at music@justinmccain.com or by phone at 225.931.3142.

Listen to Justin McCain Project live on YouTube:
http://youtu.be/O5do9QS3PjE "Pride & Joy" Cover
http://youtu.be/4z9AqiE43M4 "Shaky Ground" Cover
http://youtu.be/UvOK-I6dA-0 "Sign Sealed Delivered" Cover

Justin McCain Live Music
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